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YAROSLAW, MOSCOW, RUSSIA     Yaroslaw A. Rozputnyak has graduated withhonours the 1st Moscow Medical Institute (Pharmaceutical Faculty) in the 1982. Then he wasworking as the pharmacist-technologist in the scientific laboratory. He has experience ofthe creating of 14 technologies of the tablet dosage forms. But the scientific creativeactivity in the field of the curative substances led him to the groups of substances ofthe endogenous origin and  some physiologically active substances, namely biotica.
     In the 1989 he began tosolve the problem to initiate the formation of the positive acting endogenous by theinfluence via organs of sense with the specially created objects. The emotional,physiological and biophysical properties of the hand woven  tapestries made from thenatural materials were especially useful for this purpose. The new art decisions andtechnological "know-how" demanded his personal participation in the creation ofthe art works. Also it was necessary to join the professional artist. And this applicationof the curative theory  and developing of the practical technology of the arthandwork tapestry cloth manufacture was personified in  his successful cooperationwith Olga I Knyaz.

     Since 1990  Yaroslaw works asprofessional artist-tapestrist. In the virtual Gallery of the present site You cansee  art works created with Olga Knyaz as well as his separate author's art handwoven tapestries.

     Also as the web artist he composes art sites,  including the present site - http://tapestry.euro.ru
Except, it  is possible to visit other his author's web sites:
http://artsale.euro.ru = Olga Knyaz's  art group web shop studio
http://spivanochka.narod.ru = children's vocal collective musical site  (Russian-Ukrainian charity mission)
http://painterskeys.narod.ru = Robert Genn's   Twice Weekly Letters in Russian (charity mission for Russian artists)
http://www.SirWChurchill.narod.ru = Russian version of united Indian-American-Russian humanistic project grounded by Inder Dan Ratnu (India)

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